Whole House Humidification

AprilaireIf your house seems dry, add moisture to the air with a whole-house Aprilaire Humidifier. Aprilaire Humidifier replacement pads can also be purchased at Hinrichsen Heating.

Indoor Air Quality

TrionIf you are seeking to improve indoor air quality, a Trion Air Bear Media Filter will provide a clean, controlled environment. The pleated filters allow maximum dust-holding capacity and a smoother running HVAC system. If you need a replacement Air Bear filter, stop by our office or call for delivery.


White RodgersHinrichsen Heating & Air Conditioning offers White-Rogers programmable and non-programmable thermostats. With rising energy costs, programmable thermostats help cut your utility bills. Programmable thermostats automatically adjust the temperature in your home while you are away or sleeping to conserve energy. White-Rogers thermostats meet the Energy Star requirements.
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